Allerbling User Experience

"Of all the allergy wristbands out there, @allerbling is definitely one of my favourites. It's cute. It's colourful. It's waterproof. And I love that it comes with removable allergy charms. If you're a glass half full type of gal like me, you'll tell yourself that it's because your child is going to outgrow at least one of his allergies. Right? Right?! 😅 In addition to the cute food charms (which you can buy separately), each wristband comes with a red medic charm to let the world know that this isn't just a cool bracelet, but a visual warning about the seriousness of your child's food allergies. 🚫🍴🚫 While these wristbands are for ages 3 and up, I have to admit I've started letting my 2 1/2 year-old do short practice runs with it on... with adult supervision, of course! 😊👍 He can now point to each charm and proudly name the allergen. Even cuter? When we listen to @kyledinemusic's song, "Cool Bracelet," he often asks to wear his. #heartmelt 💖"

"New allergy bracelet came today! The first one lasted over 2 years which I think is pretty good for such a rough and tumble boy. Thank you @allerbling for keeping our kiddos safe."